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7 Translation Blogs You Should Follow As A Translator

My parents always told me that learning never stops. I want to give you the same advice and tell you that you have to constantly keep on learning new skills, particularly those about your industry. As a professional translator, it is only through constant learning that you can improve your translation skills, and grow your professional translation company.

To get new information, tips, challenges, etc on translation you can read books, enroll for an online translation course or go back to school to further your translation studies. These options are good but they’ll cost you a bit of time and money.

That’s why I recommend you read translation blogs. Reading translation blogs will cost you nothing and you can catch up on the latest trends, network with other translators, learn of translation job opportunities in just a few minutes. But to get the most from translation blogs you have to know the right ones to follow. 

In this article, I’ll show you translation blogs you should read as a translator. The blogs I mention are very informative on different aspects relating to translation services and will go a long way in helping you offer the best human translation services. 

1. Training for Translators

This blog is written by Corinne Mckay. Mckay is an American Translators Association-certified French to English translator. In her high-quality blog, the writer shares the challenges she faces as a translator and how she tackles them. I’m sure some of the challenges she writes about are things you’ll be able to relate to.

Training for Translators will also keep you in the loop about new developments in the translations industry. For example, Mckay often does reviews about the latest Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools. If you plan on growing your translation business, the blog will give you tips on how to market yourself to achieve that.

Mckay tries to post a new article each week but at times she doesn’t do so for a while. Subscribe to her emails and you’ll be notified each time she posts something.

2. About Translation

The Blog is written by Riccardo Schiaffino who is a certified translator from English into Italian. Schiaffino also lectures at University College, Denver University on the theory and practice of translation. For many years, he has worked  as a translator, starting as a freelance translator before setting up his own translation company. So he knows a lot about translation and you can trust what he writes about.

What I like about this blog is how clearly Schiaffino describes how to effective use CAT tools. If you’re starting in the translation business using CAT tools can be a nightmare. Read this blog to get practical tips on using the most popular CAT tools, such as MemoQ and Trados.

3. Translation Times

Judy and Dagmar Jenner, two identical twins run Translation Times. They are translators and interpreters who offer advice on how to successfully run your professional translation company. For example, one of their popular posts is titled A Day in the Life of a Busy Translator. If you often have trouble planning your day as a translator that article can help you be better organized.

Judy and Dagmar also offer good advice on rate negotiations and the best translation software to use to get translations done faster. In the blog, you’ll also find job advertisements, information on translation conferences and webinars you can attend.

4. Naked Translations

If you translate from English to French and French to English this is a good blog to follow. If that is not you’re area of translation you can still read Naked Translations because the articles there are packed with translation news, tips, and tricks.

The blog is by Céline Graciet, a freelance English to French translator. She is not the only one who writes on the blog, occasional there are guest posts from professionals and independent translators who post very engaging content. One thing you will like on the blog is the stunning images used within the articles. They are beautiful to look at.

5. Translation Fun

Translation work can be stressful, and at times as a professional translator, you get so serious with work you forget to have some fun. That’s why I recommend this blog, which offers translation info through humorous posts.

Using cartoons the author of the blog, Romina Bona an English into Spanish translator, writes short posts that will motivate you and get you laughing about some of your habits as a translator. I recommend you read this blog often to unwind after a long day behind the desk doing translation projects.

6. The Translator’s Teacup

What if I told you that there is a blog that you can visit to learn the mistakes to avoid as you start to offer business translation services. The Translator’s Teacup is that blog. The blog owned by Rosalyn Newell does a good job in describing common pitfalls news translators face and how to avoid them.

In the blog, Newell talks about issues such as tricky test translations, underpayment and clients who refuse to pay after work is done. To read about these pitfalls check out the three-part series called “12 Traps Newbie Translators Fall Into” on the blog. 

There are also some good articles on the best equipment to use as you begin your journey to be a freelance translator.

7. Business School for Translators 

As the name suggests this blog will provide you with a lot of information that you can use to grow your translation business. The blog has over 100 translation subjects covered which are relevant for both new and experienced translators. 

Some of the topics covered include mistakes experienced translator’s do, how to market your language translation agency using social media and planning holidays as a freelance translator. I like the fact that the blog has videos you can watch if you don’t feel like reading. 

I highly recommend this blog. The information offered may be old but it is still very relevant to you as a translator.


There are many more blogs out there that you can read to get as much information on the translation industry. Others I would recommend include:

  • Diary of a Mad Patent Translator
  • Between Translations
  • A Pragmatic Eye
  • Thoughts on Translation
  • Speaking of Translation
  • Mox’s blog
  • Unprofessional Translation
  • Brave New Words 

Which translation blogs do you follow? Let us know if we left out any of your favorite blogs.

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