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How to add language pairs?


In order to view orders available on the marketplace, you need to select your language pairs. To do so, click your name in the upper right corner and select Profile.

After your profile is displayed, click the big red button (Add your language pairs) visible over your cover photo.

You will se a form allowing you to select a language pair. Choose Source and Target Language from the drop-down lists and click “Continue to prices” button. A dialogue window with translation types will appear. Enter a rate for any of the services (at least one) to add a language pair. The entered rates will be used with Quick Bid option on the Marketplace to automatically calculate your offer to an order with calculated word count. After you are finished entering the rates, click “Add language pair” button.

 Your newly added language pair will be displayed on the list. You can edit it at any time, using edit or delete buttons on the right.

To access and edit your language pairs later, go to your Profile, click the Edit button, and select Language Pairs tab on the left.

Congratulations! You have added your language pairs and can access the marketplace. 🙂