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How to build brand awareness through video marketing?

Building brand awareness should be the key marketing goal of every company. This is due to a very specific reason: if a potential customer does not know about your brand’s existence, they won’t like it, if they don’t like it, they don’t trust it and if they won’t trust it, they won’t make a purchase. Every entrepreneur should know the solution to this equation.

Nevertheless, many of them skip this component of the purchase path of their customers and they want to sell their products or services already during first contact, but no such sale can occur. Don’t make this mistake and ensure proper structure of your shopping path – the sales effects will come with time.

How to develop a brand properly?

The road to getting to know your potential customer until they actually spend money on your products or services, is as follows:

  1. Awareness– your recipients must know of your existence. At this stage all you need to do is introduce and show yourself, e.g. through a photo. It is worth using the elevator pitch here. In my case, this is: I am a marketing consultant. I help companies build strong brands, create solutions for video makers working with cameras and teach them how to make better videos. I cooperate with brands in terms of video production for internet purposes. This information is brief and specific. At this point, the stage ends.
  2. Assigning to a category – a brand should be known for something specific. This is why you should talk about your business in your marketing communication activities. If you work with image and sound (e.g. photography, video, music), use social media for this purpose, i.e. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. If you provide expert services then run a blog and publish expert guidelines, opinions or case studies on them. Then, distribute those articles in social media and let your posts be found in Google. These are just examples because you are free to run an expert channel on YouTube that will respond to search engines, instead of writing a blog. This is your decision and it also depends on the form of message you feel best at.
  3. Liking– prepare your communication so that the recipients start to like your brand. It is very important for your potential customers to like you because you can’t buy liking and it is a value itself. This way you can create a competitive advantage. Consequently, even if you offer more expensive products or services than the competition, or if the competition offers more for the same price, provides the same services as you at a slightly higher level – in the end what counts is that your customer likes working with you and appreciates your cooperation.
  4. Building preferences – responding to the question why someone would want to cooperate with you. Unique selling proposition (USP) is an effective tool for building preferences. This is something valuable for your customer that can be offered only by you (your competition does not have it). Each brand must have the USP developed to be competitive and be the first-choice-company to its customers.
  5. Strategy of promotional dominance – this is a derivative of USP that is used for communicating what you are so unique about on the market. The difference is that USP relates to a service or product in particular, while the promotional dominance strategy applies to a brand, for instance:
    • USP: Support for iPhones for 5 years on average (update to new iOS)
    • Strategy of promotional dominance: Apple as the only company, produces iOS-based smartphones

I know how to develop a brand. How should I use video for this purpose?

Video marketing is nothing else than content marketing but the content you distribute is provided in video format. To follow this lead, all you need is to execute the above stages with the use of video:

  1. Talk about your company by means of a video that presents your image, meaning you and your company. The purpose of such a video is to make your potential customers find out about you. Such a creative should be distributed in all channels that enable video publishing. To improve the reach of your image video, conduct regular advertising campaigns in Facebook Ads and Google Ads.
  2. Manage an expert YouTube channelso that your potential customers can easily find you and the videos you publish can solve their problems. With the example of, which is a translation service, teach the recipient how to translate a page created with WordPress. Show people how to use office software, explain how to prepare a CV for the British market and show your viewers how to organise an online shop to offer sales on the German market, etc.
  3. Show the “human face” of your brand from time to time – record a vlog showing the work day and publish it on your Facebook page. Create a short after-movie from a company team-building event. Address the recipient directly in the videos – talk as if the recipient was your friend and not someone official. Joke about certain situations and simply let people like you.
  4. Produce a sales video – in your video communication, you cannot skip the call-to-action aspect. It is good that you introduce yourself, that your recipients know what you offer and it’s nice that they like you. But if you don’t do something to make them decide on a purchase by means of a call-to-action, just be aware that your sales level will be lower than it could actually be. Sales is effective only when you conduct it at the proper stage of the shopping path of your customers.

How to record an attractive video?

Keep in mind that the content of your video is the most important here. Even if it isn’t the most beautiful video ever, its content will enable you to provide a value to your potential customers. Of course, a neat and professionally-looking video will generate more trust but Rome wasn’t built in a day, was it? The knowledge you need for preparing an attractive video can be obtained from YouTube tutorials, where you can find plenty of educational materials for this purpose. You can also shorten this path significantly and save time by buying a course online that will teach you how to create beautiful videos. Or you can establish a cooperation with someone who will ensure supply of neat productions continuously. There are other possibilities but let me repeat: the content is they key aspect here. Good luck!

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Marketing consultant. Helps companies build strong brands. Creates solutions for video makers working with cameras and teaches them how to make better videos. Cooperates with brands in terms of video production for internet purposes.

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