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How to prepare a course online and sell it well?

Today, the Internet is a source of many opportunities but it is also the primary channel of communication. This is where new contacts are established, businesses are promoted, new customers are acquired and cooperation with business partners is expanded. Online-based magazine issues, webinars and courses are becoming increasingly more popular.  

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Do you have broad knowledge or skills regarding a specific area and would like to share it with others, while earning money from it? Creating and selling an online course is one of the best ideas to achieve that. Online sales make it possible to reach many recipients at the same (short) time. Nevertheless, in order to achieve success you have to keep in mind the following two components: quality of the course and marketing. How to prepare a course online and sell it well? Here are a few tips.

Why do people love online courses?

They say you can’t buy wisdom with money. It’s true in theory. In practice you can buy it, not literally of course. What we mean here is education that will provide you with new skills and knowledge as well as valuable experience. Once you learn something new in a specific field, you will always possess such knowledge and will be able to develop and supplement it any time you’d like.

We all learn throughout our entire lives – first fulfilling the mandatory school obligation and later voluntarily attending additional schools, universities or courses. There is a huge choice of training courses, both for professional and personal purposes. Online courses are increasingly more popular. Why is that?

Why are online courses so popular?

First of all, they make it possible to learn the material from a given course any time you wish. You can acquire your education at home, in the garden, on the beach or in the car. You can participate in a course while having your afternoon coffee, a snack or while having dinner. Other participants will not see you so you can feel fully comfortable. You can even sit in your pyjamas with your cat on your lap – however you like it!

Secondly, you can get back to your material at any moment and review it for as long as you need to. There is no pressure, teachers who rush you or complaining participants who ask tons of questions not always on topic.

Thirdly, online courses are usually slightly less expensive than courses held in class.

Offer people something different from what’s already available on the market

How to prepare and sell an online course? Ensuring professional content is the key aspect here. You have to be a real expert in your area but that’s not all. Keep in mind that your potential recipients are waiting to learn something new – something they’ve never experienced before.

They won’t be impressed with yet another lecture full of repetitive information that can be easily found on the Internet. You will face negative feedback and your sales will drop before you start making an actual profit.

If you want to prepare a good online course you have to approach your recipients with a new, unique idea. Instead of repeating information that anyone can access easily, you can share your experience and proprietary solutions with your recipients.

Define your audience

The message should be perfectly adjusted to match the needs of your audience. Define your marketing strategy, communication language and the method of presenting knowledge in this regard. This is the first step you need to take when planning a course.

How to promote an online course?

Depending on your audience, choose the appropriate communication channels that will be the most effective. You also have to keep in mind that any cases of overdoing will not be good for your brand. Advertisement (also in the form of newsletters) cannot be too aggressive. Irregular marketing activities will not bring the desired effect either. Try to find a compromise here and… effective tools that will match your course’s needs.

What are some tools for promoting an online course?

There is a huge variety of marketing possibilities. Facebook Ads and Google Ads are most frequently used but they are paid advertisements. You can try to promote your courses organically, e.g. through participation in specific community groups on Facebook or LinkedIn, and also through daily activity in social media. There are many possibilities and you are only limited by your imagination and experience.

How to prepare a course online and sell it with success?

Keep in mind that limiting yourself to the market of only one country creates restrictions (if we’re talking about training courses that can also be offered to international participants, of course). In such a case you will have to make sure that the course is translated into the appropriate target language of the country where you offer your training services. Otherwise, even the best marketing strategy will not help. Especially if your content is chaotic and the recipient may take it as disrespectful.

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