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How to prepare an online video for distribution on foreign markets?

Video is the most popular form of marketing communication and this will either not change anytime soon or it will not change at all. This is why companies invest more of their marketing budgets into video. Executing a video marketing strategy is not cheap: creative work, equipment (camera, lenses, memory cards, microphones, etc.), location, editing software and more.

Nevertheless, many companies decide to outsource such services in order to develop the strategy itself and produce videos. Assumptions of each good strategy also contain video distribution and many companies forget about this. Ask yourself a question: Why would I produce marketing videos if nobody will watch them? Especially if you want to ensure effective international marketing communication. How to prepare an online video for distribution onto foreign markets?

Prepare videos keeping in mind that they will be translated into foreign languages.

If your video marketing strategy includes educational content where a host plays the key role, it is worth considering a person who speaks the target language fluently so that they are able to record in your local language and foreign language. Such an approach will allow you to save on production and to speed it up.

If you intend to create narration-based content, the case will be significantly easier because all you need to do is order a service of recording voice over in the target language. You can also benefit from the narration recorded by a native speaker of the target language of the country where you conduct your marketing activities. This will make your message more credible.

Social media video? Only with captions!

Most people on Facebook or Instagram watch videos without sound. This is why it is very important to prepare captions in a given language and to apply them onto the video using native tools of a given medium or incorporating them into the video content. If you don’t prepare captions it may cost you a lot so treat this suggestion seriously.

Execute paid video marketing campaigns

Besides organic distribution channels for your marketing videos, such as a YouTube channel or a Facebook and Instagram profile, your strategy must take into account advertisement campaigns.  

What is understood by an advertisement campaign is generation of paid reach for your video using advertisement systems such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads. The use of such systems will enable you to reach a large number of people instantly and with low costs. Furthermore, advertisement systems come with very precise tools for accurate targeting of advertisement so that your video can be viewed by people living in a given country speaking a particular language. This is why your video marketing campaign should include a distribution calendar that takes into account organic and paid marketing communication channels.

Benefit from services of local influencers

Video marketing does not only involve creation of your own video content but also establishing cooperation with YouTube vloggers and Instagram users that will record such a video for you and distribute it among their followers. What are the benefits of such marketing campaigns?

  1. An Influencer from a given country is a native speaker of the language in which the campaign is to be conducted,
  2. You will not incur any costs of video production so you can use this budget as remuneration for the influencer,
  3. You do not incur any costs of the translation and the possible voice over,
  4. You benefit from organic reach of a given influencer,
  5. You benefit from the authority and credibility of a given influencer,
  6. Many of your obligations are acquired by the influencer so such a campaign may be considered as some of your work being assigned, and instead you can take care of other matters at the company,
  7. Cooperation with influencers is a sort of a market research that may provide you with huge knowledge regarding the target group in a given country.

The negative aspect is that video content produced in cooperation with such individuals in the eyes of the viewers is not yours and it will remain on the influencer’s channels (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). You will not be able to redistribute them. But despite this one negative side, it is worth organising such a campaign from time to time as there are many positive aspects that may bring you expected results.

Content is King, Distribution is Queen

In content marketing, distribution is more important than the production itself. It is often more profitable to produce less content and spend more money on distribution rather than producing plenty of content and not distribute it at all. Keep in mind that in marketing, communication is the most important, while presenting the value of your brand through video is the most effective form of communication.

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