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How to use local SEO in translation?

Do you run a company? Do you run a company that’s geographically specific such as a hotel,
restaurant, or shop carrying local products? If so, you need to start concerning yourself with the
idea of online visibility and more specifically the question of how to optimize your visibility in the
Google search engine. For geographically specific companies it is critical to understand and
master local SEO as it is the tool you’ll use to improve your company’s position in Google
search results or SERP. A knowledge of local SEO will optimize your website and allow your
local company to become visible in searches limited to a specific area.

Before you can begin activating local SEO you first need to understand what it is. As stated
above local SEO aims to improve website optimization for searches specific to an area. Local
SEO encompasses basic strategies needed in boosting online presence. The profile of your
company’s website as well as its mobile version must appear aesthetically pleasing. The
website should have a short loading time. The text must be strong and serve a purpose as well
as contain keywords(Google Keywords Planner is a great tool for this) and it should be
translated into several languages. A website that contains these basic elements will already
begin to attract more users.

Google My Business can be a great asset for local SEO as it consolidates business activity in
one search engine and allows you and your company to form relationships with users who view
your profile.While registration doesn’t take long, keep in mind that the more detailed and specific
information you can add to your profile, the better the users’ experience will be. Information
such as business hours, address, and contact details are not to be forgotten. Once your profile
is set up, it is important to stay active and respond to users’ reviews both positive and negative.

Operation at a local level necessitates a company’s ability to have an active and well maintained
presence on platforms such as TripAdvisor, Foursquare, and Yelp and social media accounts
like Instagram and Facebook. Facebook is the preferable medium as it will prove useful in
directing traffic to your website. In this space you can post articles that market your business
and do so in a number of different translated languages. Multilingual sites will improve your
Google position and with Facebook’s features it is easy to translate your posts.

While it may seem counterintuitive to strive for global optimization when discussing local SEO, it
actually makes a lot of sense. Especially for businesses like hotels and bed and breakfasts, it
will be important to cast a wide net by employing local and global optimization strategies at the
same time. As stated above, this can be done through offering multiple translations of texts in
order to attract potential customers from all over the world without the barrier of language
stopping a German tourist from searching for a particular local product in Madrid. Online
visibility and customer accessibility are key to a successful local and global business.

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