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Specialised dictionaries for translators

Translations vary – some involve working with simple text, while others require the translator to be familiar with specialised terms. This applies specifically to such industries as construction, finance, business or law. This is why it is a good idea to invest into good specialised dictionaries for translators. Why? So that you can continue to improve the quality of your work.

Specialised dictionaries – English and Spanish

When you are a translator of English and Spanish, it is a good idea to own specialised dictionaries. Particularly, when they regard such a specific area as banking and finance. Amazon offers a great solution: English/Spanish Dictionary of Banking & Finance published by The Hispanic Economics. This publication contains 2300 entries which will certainly be useful in your daily work.

If you work on a project that relates to the construction industry, the Spanish/English Construction Dictionary supplied by De Walt will be an interesting item. The fact that this dictionary includes illustrations will be a huge simplification. It features the key terms regarding elements and devices found on construction sites, names of tools and plenty of other useful vocabulary.

Legal translations will be a lot simpler if you use a specialised dictionary with containing legal words and phrases. Publications worth recommending include the Essential English/Spanish and Spanish/English Legal Dictionary from Wolters Kluwer Law & Business. It provides over 43,000 legal terms, whose translation may be problematic in your daily work.

Specialised English-Italian dictionaries.

The offer of specialised dictionaries for English and Italian translators is slightly smaller when compared to the above list. We would like to draw your attention specifically to the English/Italian and Italian/English Dictionary of Law, which is available only as an e-book (this is a special offer for Kindle owners). It features over 2400 legal terms with detailed clarifications and explanations made by the authors.

English and German dictionaries

Despite the fact that English and German belong to the same group, specialised translation in this pair may generate numerous problems. This is evidenced by the fact of large availability of specialised dictionaries regarding different areas of science. This list includes the Dictionary of Customs Law of European Union Germany/English and English Germany, which is worth considering. The above dictionary features over 18,000 words and phrases regarding customs law in the EU.

Translations relating to accounting and finance always generate some problems. This is why it is a good idea to choose the 100 IFRS Financial Ratios Dictionary, where the authors have described the key terms applicable in IFRS. The dictionary includes detailed clarifications (in English and German) of over 100 indicators in corporate accounting systems.

When you work on business translation, it is a good idea to choose the Dictionary of Law, Labour and Business Terms English/German and German/English. It features over 5200 specialised terms that contain detailed explanations. The entire dictionary is divided into several subject-specific parts: Work, Economy, Education and Training, European Union, Law, Politics and Occupational Safety.

Specialised Polish, English and Russian translations.

The customs law is unified in the entire European Union but when it comes to Russia, this aspect may create certain problems.  When you work with a Russian text regarding this subject, consider the Polish – English – Russian Dictionary of Customs Terminology. It contains 5000 entries with translation into Polish, English and Russian. The Russian Customs Code and the applicable EU laws were assumed as the basis for creating this dictionary.

Scientific translations from Polish to Russian

Russian and Polish only seem similar. When you work on translations in this language pair, you will need a good industry-specific dictionary. In the Scientific and technical Russian-Polish dictionary with supplement, you will find over 130,000 entries regarding such areas as: IT, telecommunications, electronics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, biochemistry and physics. 

Translations from Polish to English

There are times that tax and financial definitions require extra clarifications even in your native language. It is a good idea to have the specialised Polish-English tax law dictionary in your library, which contains detailed explanations of over 20,000 terms regarding the tax law applicable in all countries where English is spoken, as well as members of the EU.

Translation relating to various audits require the use of specific words and phrases in the appropriate context. This will be possible with the Audit dictionary, which contains explanations of over 17,000 terms relating to various types of inspections and audit procedures. A big section of the dictionary is dedicated to providing information about various statistical techniques and methods when conducting audits.

Specialised translations – Polish and Italian

A good dictionary will not only clarify certain terms but also the specifics of a given area of science. Such is the case of the Glossary of legal terms. It contains detailed clarifications for terms applicable in the civil, commercial, labour and bank law as well as the law relating to public procurement. The content of this publication is the reason why this dictionary is useful virtually in all types of translation into Italian.

With scientific and technical translation, it is mandatory to know how to use specific language. Thanks to the Italian-Polish technical dictionary, translation of phrases and terms used in IT, physics, chemistry and automotive industries will be significantly more accurate. It also features a list of terms in English that are now used in Italian regularly, so that the translation will be more natural.

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