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How to use local SEO in translation?

Do you run a company? Do you run a company that’s geographically specific such as a hotel,
restaurant, or shop carrying local products? If so, you need to start concerning yourself with the
idea of online visibility and more specifically the question of how to optimize your visibility in the
Google search engine. For geographically specific companies it is critical to understand and
master local SEO as it is the tool you’ll use to improve your company’s position in Google
search results or SERP. A knowledge of local SEO will optimize your website and allow your
local company to become visible in searches limited to a specific area.

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Multilingual website SEO

The country in which your business operates is an integral component of the communication strategy, if you are thinking of growing your business on a global scale. In order for content on your website to reach recipients in different countries, you should ensure proper optimisation in terms of the Google search engine, i.e. SEO.

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