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Transcreation – What is it and how to use it in growing a business?

Along with the progressing growth of international business contacts, huge variety of channels used for reaching business partners, different expectations of clients, synergy of activities is becoming increasingly popular in marketing strategies. SEO, copywriting, social media marketing are no longer uninhabited islands and only combining the above in an effective way will generate conversion. The same thing applies in the translation industry, where transcreation is an expression of such an approach.

Transcreation = translation + creation

An activity that combines translation and creative approach. The concept of translation is to transfer the original idea of the source text while retaining its form and structure, as much as possible. Due to the above, the translation should have the same effect on the reader as its source language version. The easiest way to obtain this effect is when working with legal or technical documents, where terminology is strictly defined. Things get more difficult when speaking about literature or poetry that require the translator to have broad linguistic and literary skills.

Publishing or advertisement texts are a completely different category. With dynamic development of new resources and channels of promotion, they are no longer intended only for providing information about a product with a catchy call to action at the beginning or end of the message. Their role now is also to affect emotions, generate positive associations and this is achieved by copywriting and content marketing. When you want to translate such content (articles, posts, slogans) into foreign languages, transcreation is something you should be looking for.

Transcreation vs. standard translation

Let’s take a look at several examples of advertising slogans:

  • Be more #open! (advertisement created for the occasion of opening the Serenada Shopping Centre)
  • McDonalds – “I’m Lovin’ It” (the slogan is used in its original English format globally)
  • The new Astra. Upsets the luxury class! (advertisement of the new Opel Astra)

What are the assumptions of a standard translation and transcreation, or “creative translation”?


  • ensuring linguistic correctness
  • ensuring professional correctness, familiarity with the content
  • retaining communicativeness of the message


  • ensuring linguistic correctness
  • ensuring professional correctness, familiarity with the content
  • retaining communicativeness of the message and using linguistic methods to ensure that the message of the translation is identical with the source text

Before you decide to pick a solution, define the goal of a given message and the method in which it should affect your recipients.

Transcreation in business growth

How should it be used?

  • When you manage a global business and reach international clients, it is a good idea to create a personalised message that will affect emotions. This will make relationship-building easier.
  • If you create good content with wide reach in your native language, you will not want to waste this potential – thanks to creative translation, you will achieve a similar effect in communication with an international recipient.
  • It is important to communicate the brand in an identical way regardless of the location (this has a positive impact on the image and trust) – thanks to transcreation, you can translate the source text into several languages.
  • Employing a specialist with fluent skills in a language, whose tasks will include translation and copywriting, will be a significant support for marketing activities of a company. It may also turn out beneficial from the point of view of cost optimisation.

Transcreation for your business?