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What are the qualities of a good translator? What do you need to know before ordering a translation service?

A good translator is at a premium. Specifically in a situation when you need a translation regarding an important matter. Finding a reliable translator seems fairly easy. After all, the internet is full of offers from translators looking for projects and full of responses to ads of people looking for help in this matter. Practice shows, however, that it’s not always the case. Are you looking for a translator or will you only need one in the future? Here are some of the most important points you should keep in mind.

Are you looking for a good translator? You’ll find him on

What are the characteristics of a good translator?

First of all, a good translator is someone who has mastered specific languages perfectly. This means that he/she can translate any text, but not literally, and also use paraphrases to best reflect the meaning of the original message.

Qualifications of a good translator

It would be good if the translator has completed language studies and additional courses, supported by diplomas. However, it all depends on what type of content is to be translated. If it is a simple text – a book, a post for a company blog or a social media post written in a fairly general language, then education is not as important as perfect knowledge of the language and daily use of it.

The second very important aspect when choosing a translator is their portfolio. It will include samples of their real skills and be a certain guarantee that the translator is who they claim to be professionally. The more certificates and diplomas evidencing the completion of training courses in a given language, the better it proves the translator’s commitment to their work.

Opinions about the translator

When looking for services of a translator, it is also worth checking reviews made by their customers regarding the quality, price and level of services provided. This is crucial if you want to have a guarantee that the translator will meet your expectations and fulfil your project-related needs. A good translator from Turkish to Polish or other less popular languages ​​will certainly have fewer opinions than an English, German or French translator, so those reviews are even more important.

Before you decide to choose the services of a specific translator, also check what types of areas they specialise in. A good translator for single sentences, such as marketing slogans, will be worth their weight in gold when it comes to marketing translations. Especially bearing in mind the simple fact that advertising texts are often based on the cultural nuances of the destination country. A good marketing translator should be perfectly aware of these nuances and have outstanding skills when it comes to choosing words that will evoke similar emotions as the source slogans and messages.

How to source a good translator?

It may seem that finding a translator shouldn’t be a problem. After all, translation agencies are available in every big city and you can find many translation offers on the internet. In practice, however, finding a good translator requires a thorough research, as well as very detailed verification of competences before choosing a new translator for a project.

How to find a good translator in Google?

The first step is usually to use a search engine and search for keywords such as “good text translator”, “good web translator”. The answer will certainly be websites and profiles of people associated with the translation industry. However, not always the competences or the price range of a given translator found this way will meet your expectations.

Online community groups for translators

An alternative is to create an advertisement with your specific expectations and post it on local websites with ads as well as relevant social media groups. There is a big variety of translation groups available on Facebook, with many translators ready to work for you. However, this solution entails a certain risk: you will not be able to verify the translator’s experience and competences in every case. You will also not be able to check whether, for example, he/she has not commissioned your translation to someone else, and is only an intermediary acting as a translator.

The third option is to search for translators on the websites of translation agencies, with which talented and experienced freelance translators often cooperate. Such companies usually have a separate page where translator profiles are published, with the option of filtering by specific language and rating. This solution guarantees that all expectations are met: competence, experience and reliability.

Marketplace for translators

There is one more option: a marketplace for translators, such as the one offered by our service, On our Marketplace, you can publish your advertisement for a translation project. The translators themselves will submit their offers in response to your ads, and your only task is to check the opinions visible on the profile and choose the best person to complete your task.

Other tools available on, namely ‘Find translators’ and ‘Jobs for translators’ will be useful as well. In the first one you will find a number of filters, thanks to which you can quickly find one of the 13,000 translators available in our database who will meet your criteria. The ‘Jobs for translators’ module makes it possible to publish your job offer, to which translators from around the world will respond.

A good translator of English – what are the typical qualities?

English and German translators form the largest group of translators. Due to the fact that there are the most of them available on the translation market, it is more difficult to find the one that fully meets expectations for a given project. In this case, you can also search for services on your own by browsing various translation offers and posting your own ads.

Are you looking for a good translator? You’ll find him on

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