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Where can I find a translator? Frequently asked questions regarding the Globtra Marketplace

1. How will I benefit from Globtra?

Globtra is more than just a Marketplace. It is unique in many ways. Our clear and intuitive interface makes ordering and accepting translations very easy. You will always be up to date with the latest news thanks to weekly notifications about new offers and orders, You will also have access to the Marketplace, where you will find new and exciting projects to work on.

2. Who should I contact to notify a problem?

Your user experience is very important to us. We aim to make sure that our website operates smoothly at all times. However, if there are any technical problems, we’re here to help. You can report any problems, including those related to the operation of our platform, via LiveChat on the website, by email to or via the official Facebook profile at

3. How do I register?

Registration on the site is very simple. Just go to, select the account type you wish to use (client/translator) and fill out the required data: username, email address, country and currency. Then, all you need to do is confirm your email of your account by using the link sent to the email address provided in the registration form to activate your account. Then you’re all set! From now on you can enjoy all the features of the website!

4. What is the difference between a Client Account and a Translator Account?

Registration on Globtra allows you to use its functionality as a client or as a translator. If you need a translator, register as a client. Thanks to this, you will gain access to the Marketplace, where you can post your orders and source translators to complete your projects.

When you register as a translator, you can add job offers or apply for selected job offers, apply for orders from clients, as well as add and buy products in the Benefit Center. We are still working on improving the website and new possibilities will be added soon.

5. How to translate a project?

Do you have a document that needs to be translated? Choosing the right translator for the job is easy. You can do it in a few simple steps:

“Add a job → Wait for applications from translators → Choose a translator → Send the project to the translator → Pay through Globtra”.

It is that simple!

6. How do I add language pairs to my profile?

With a Translator Account, you can (and even should) create Language Pairs. They define the scope of your translations (e.g. Polish-German, German-Polish).

How to add language pairs? After logging into your account, go to “Profile” -> “Edit Profile” -> “Language Pairs” (left menu), then add a pair and enter rates. You’re all set!

7. Why is it a good idea to add language pairs?

Adding your respective language pairs is crucial for the orders you will see in the Marketplace. For instance, if you only translate from Polish to English, you will not be shown orders from English to Polish or other language pairs that you do not work with.

8. How to navigate the Marketplace?

To navigate the Marketplace, you have to define your language pairs first. You can filter the order types you want to receive in the left menu . You can view the list of all active orders, or filter them according to the language pair, and also view active proofreading or interpreting job offers.

9. Are there any fees for using Globtra?

Creating an account and using the website is free of charge. However, there are fees that apply for using some features. A detailed list of paid options along with prices can be found at

10. What is the difference between an order and a job offer?

On Globtra, you can establish a cooperation with translators in two ways: through posting orders and job offers. An order is a single translation project. A job offer is an invitation to establish permanent cooperation with a translator who will receive documents for translation regularly. Good translators are waiting for you on Globtra!

11. Where can I find a good translator to meet the needs of my project?

Globtra allows you to search for translators in three ways. You can place an order in the Marketplace and respond to the offers you receive. The second way is to add a job offer. This is a better option if you know that you will have more translation projects in the future and if you are looking for someone who will work for you on a permanent basis.

You can also find a translator for your order or project by using the Translators search engine. Based on the translation areas, description and prices as well as ratings made by other clients, you can choose the translator who meets all your expectations. If you are wondering where to find a good translator, just register an account on Globtra. Expert translators are waiting to work on projects for you!

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