Weryfikacja i uwierzytelnienie w zakresie j. włoskiego






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Poszukujemy tłumaczy j. włosiego w zakresie stałej współpracy obejmującej weryfikację i tłumaczenia z j. włoskiego na j.polski.
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Trado Trado
Trado Trado
Polish: http://www.trado.pl/
English: http://www.trado.pl/en
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Biuro-T%C5%82umacze%C5%84-TRADO-138326062844159/

TRADO Translation Agency has been providing translation and interpretation services in both popular and unusual languages since 1998. We are a rapidly growing translation agency with large experience which guarantees professionalism and reliability of our work. A huge database of proven, experienced translators is the core of our translation agency. University students of various languages gain actual experience at our internships, instead of working to reduce translation costs, as in other agencies.

TRADO Translation Agency cooperates with many language specialists - native speakers from around the world. Our global society is constantly expanded by addition of new professionals from more than one hundred countries. Experts who belong to our society of remote employees (Crowdsourcing) perform hundreds of individual tasks which can be adjusted each time to the individual needs of every single customer.

TRADO Translation Agency provides various forms of interpretation, such as language assistance in the customer's office, interpretation during negotiations and sales talks, conference interpretations - consecutive and simultaneous, interpretations during larger meetings, and written translations, including technical, medical and legal translations, as well as translation concerning banking, economics, IT, marketing, advertisement and also sworn translations.

Our agency cooperates with more than 2,500 translators-specialists in the field of law, including the European Union community law, economics, marketing, finance and medicine, to name a few. Their competence ensures high quality of our services. The ranks of our translators include also numerous native speakers of many languages, who review and edit the translations and translate texts requiring more intimate knowledge of a given language. We can therefore provide translators with appropriate qualifications even in the case of highly specialized texts.

We specialize in translations within the following industries:

finance and accounting,
computer systems,
technology (instructions for use and certificates),
medicine and pharmacy,
The offer of TRADO Translation Agency also includes teaching of foreign languages and services related to searching for information and websites.

We realize our orders throughout Poland, wherever you need them and where important conferences, meetings, conventions and congresses take place. Our translators work in Warsaw, Cracow, Wrocław, Łódź, Poznań, Katowica, Białystok, Zielona góra, Zakopane, Rzeszów, Gorzów Wielkopolski, Białystok, Lublin, Opole, Szczecin and many other cities.


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